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Timber Choices

Various timbers species are available to suit your building requirements and budget:

Accoya wood
Accoya is the world’s leading high technology wood. It is produced from a non-toxic cellular modification process known as acetylation. The softwood used in the process is Radiata Pine sourced from sustainably managed forests in New Zealand. The result is a durable, stable and nontoxic material with performance characteristics better than any hardwood.
Accoya holds industry leading environmental credentials. ( The exceptional durability of Accoya is warranted for a minimum life of 50 years above ground and 25 year in-ground.

Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar is a popular cladding choice in New Zealand. It is sourced from sustainably managed forests in British Columbia, Canada. Western Red Cedar is known for its outstanding aesthetic qualities, performance, texture, grain feature and distinctive fragrance.

Scientific name: Thuja plicata
Other names:  Pacific red cedar
Origin: North America

Radiata Pine 
Radiata Pine is the most commonly used weatherboard species and is sourced from sustainably managed forests in New Zealand. It is a medium density softwood, straight grained with an even texture. It is treated to H3.2 for durability and works well with hand and machine tools.

Scientific name: Pinus radiata
Other names: Monterey pine, Insignis pine.
Origin: Native to central and southern coastal California.

Installation Manual

Our full installation manual is available for download on our downloads page. This comprehensive 60-page manual explains the correct method for installing CertClad weatherboards to ensure compliance with the Building Code.

Timber Resource

ITI Timspec are proud to be the first major timber importer to be FSC and PEFC Chain-of-Custody accredited. We always try to provide FSC and PEFC certified timber weatherboards. If you would like to have it, then just let our sales team know when you place an order and we will make sure that you are supplied with timber certifiable which shows that the timber is coming from responsibly managed forest.

Cedar Bevel Back weatherboards, photos courtesy of Fletcher Residential.

Painted Radiata Bevel Back weatherboards.
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