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Cedar (Western Red)

Western Red Cedar (thuja plicata) is a North American timber prized for its stability, durability and relatively light weight. It has been used in exterior situations for over a century in North America.

Timber Resource
All of our Cedar comes from British Columbia and surrounding areas in Canada. The majority of Cedar we buy is FSC or PEFC certified because it is important to manage the world timber resources in a responsible manner.

Western Red Cedar is naturally durable, this means it requires no chemical treatments. However, a good quality coating will dramatically improve its lifespan and appearance.

A good quality paint or penetrating stain will vastly improve how Cedar lasts, it will reduce distortion and checking and will help retain its attractive colour for longer. When painting Cedar, it is important to use a water based primer and later an oil based primer before two top coats.

Dark colours will attract more heat which can exacerbate timber movement, for this reason we do not recommend dark colours on Cedar.

More Information
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Cedar Bevel back weatherboards,
photo courtesy of Fletcher Residential.

Cedar timber flitches.

Cedar Bevel Back weatherboards with copper soakers,
photo courtesy of Carron Builders.
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